Sunday sampler

Winston-Salem: Apparently the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission advertised that golfer Steve Stricker would host its charity golf tournament, and Stricker didn’t know anything about it. Rescue Mission folks told the Journal that they’re investigating. “Slawter said he and head pro Sean Branagan became suspicious Wednesday night when Stricker hadn’t shown up for a scheduled short-game clinic. ‘We started getting some weird texts that he was running late or whatever, and then at about 9 p.m., we kind of figured it out that he didn’t know anything about it,’ Slawter said.”

Asheville: Companies can’t find enough blue-collar workers. And if you have some skills, show up and aren’t abusing substances, you’ll get paid well. (Along with journalism, I could teach a side of plumbing; I worked for a plumber one summer!) “You’ve got to be willing to expand your horizons in who you’re willing to hire,” said Max Rose, owner of Four Seasons Plumbing in Asheville. “To hire somebody in this area who’s experienced, has a clean background, has their life together and can pass a drug test, that’s a miracle.”

Greensboro: This is personal to me. The News & Record features a story about how Native American history is taught or not taught. It was reported and written by one of the students in my Media Hub class, Sophie Whisnant. (Thanks, Cindy Loman, for localizing it and publishing it.) “Locklear said her peers’ comments were the fault of an American public school system that doesn’t teach the roles of American Indians in an accurate way. Educators see long-term problems with glossing over Native American history starting in elementary school.”

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  1. Plumbers wanted. Define good salary. Is it a livable wage?
    Define Clean record. .
    Define having their lives together. Maybe having a decent paying job would help someone get their lives together. Just saying.

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