Sunday sampler

Winston-Salem: The Journal takes one concern off my mind. It seems as if my measles shot is OK. Finally, it’s good to be old! “Anyone born between 1958 and 1989 may be at slight risk of contracting the disease if exposed to an active case, said Dr. Christopher Ohl, professor of infectious diseases at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.”

Lenoir: The News-Topic features a story about some idiot trying to scam the Caldwell County Sheriff. There’s a paywall, but the story is basically that someone tried to get the county accounting department to reroute the sheriff’s check to a different account. The Sheriff’s Department says the scam was one that targets thousands of people every day.

Raleigh: Two years ago, the Raleigh police chief what would happen if a cop’s body cam was off during a police shooting. “We have an auditing process in place to make sure the devices are working properly and that the officers are following policy,” she said, according to The News & Observer’s coverage of the 2017 meeting. “If there are policies and rules in place, they must be followed,” she said. Guess what has happened? Yep.

Hickory: The Daily Record’s front page is dominated by an editorial cartoon and a question: Handshake or hug? I admit, I’m never sure, especially at this time of the year when my courses are ending and students approach. “It is OK to say, ‘This is not what I want, please don’t touch me,’” Kiser added. She said it can be scary for people to say, “no,” but practice makes perfect.

Wilmington: And a personal thanks to the Star-News for publishing a story, video and photo by one of my students in Media Hub.