Sunday sampler

Winston-Salem: The Republicans in the state legislature like to govern by fiat. They have a history of passing legislation to change the make up and structure of local government boards and council without any input, all to push a conservative agenda. Most times – all times? – affected constituents don’t want it. The GOP in Raleigh doesn’t care. This time, it’s happening in Winston-Salem. Apparently lost on the two Forsyth Republicans filing the legislation is that Guilford County voters kicked out the state senator who did that to us as soon as they could.

Charlotte:  It seems as if the kind of legislation that moves society forward comes from cities (certainly not the state). It’s happening in Charlotte, as this story by Danielle Chemtob shows. “Charlotte officials are exploring a controversial policy that could change the makeup of single-family neighborhoods, as part of a move to boost affordable housing and address the city’s history of racial segregation.”