Sunday sampler

Asheville: The Citizen-Times does a deep dive into how liquor is sold in N.C. and the possibility of privatizing its sale. “But there are some major pitfalls in peeling away the system of government control: Public health problems after the proliferation of liquor stores, higher prices for consumers and pressure on local taxpayers if government revenue dips.”

Charlotte: The Republican Party leadership in N.C. is a mess. The Observer reports that a conference call today among members of the GOP central committee will begin the sorting out process. They are putting a good face on, though. “The party is functioning and running as it’s supposed to. It’s bigger than one man and frankly its rules are set up in a way to protect itself from errors made by any one elected officer,” he said. “Those rules and protocols worked very well here.”

Greensboro: Pastor John Cao, a Christian missionary has been in prison in China for two years. China unjustly sentenced him to seven years in prison,” Heil said, “for publicly living out his Christian faith.”

Raleigh: The N&O takes a broad look at what the Republican bribery scandal might mean about about the excess of money in campaigns. (My view: Nothing.) “This just unfortunately creates more of the jaded cynicism that people across all spectrums have toward democracy and politicians,” said Bob Phillips, executive director of the advocacy group Common Cause North Carolina.