Sunday sampler

Carteret County: One of the signs of a good local paper is that it follows big stories to the end. The News-Times does just that: “Nearly six months after Hurricane Florence hit the county, several displaced tenants of Crystal Coast Apartments in Morehead City are still unable to move back into their damaged homes.” Meanwhile, FEMA is formally ending its shelter assistance program.

Winston-Salem: The City Council appears ready to allow bow hunting inside the city limits because people say there are too many deer in the city. While the council is discussing regulations, I’m with the council member who said, “I can see where the areas that would be really attractive to a deer herd would be the city parks. I really don’t want folks putting a hunting stand 100 feet off the park, and waiting for something to go over (the line), and maybe their aim is off and they shoot into the park.”

Monroe: The Enquirer-Journal was the newspaper that gave me my start. At the time, it was an afternoon paper delivered five days a week. Now it’s delivered three days; I don’t know if it is still afternoon. It announced today that it is dropping its carriers and contracting with the U.S. Postal Service to deliver it. It’s going to save the paper money, but disrupt its subscribers. I note the change without judgment.  (The website has a paywall. Here is the front page announcement, and the link will rot after today.)

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