Sunday sampler

Greensboro: $960 million in renovations needed in Guilford County schools? Oh, that’s only the first phase. “Southern High School, which is about 10 minutes or so south of Greensboro, should be replaced entirely at an estimated cost of about $46 million, consultants said. Consultants recommended Smith High School, which has buildings dating back to 1963, get about $37 million in renovations.” School board members and county commissioners are, umm, hesitant, as they should be.

Charlotte: I always admired the basketball savvy of Carl Scheer. It saddens me to learn that he has dementia. Scott Fowler of the Observer writes endearingly of the man.

Raleigh: As an adjunct at UNC-Chapel Hill, this sentence in the News & Observer hurts me: “At UNC, coaching compensation, including those for assistant coaches, increased by 39.1 percent in the past five years. At N.C. State, it grew by 28 percent.” The N&O goes on to look at the money the athletic program brings in at UNC & State. And it’s huge. I mean, HUGE.

Winston-Salem: Looks like UNC and the Virginia colleges aren’t the only ones with racist images in their yearbooks. Wake Forest has some, too, according to the Journal. “WFU President Nathan Hatch, a historian, was disheartened and disturbed to learn that old issues of The Howler include lynching references, racial slurs and photos of students wearing blackface, according to an article on the university’s website.” The News & Observer also follows up on the UNC yearbook mess with an interview with the former editor.

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