Sunday sampler

So pleased that few of the state’s front pages had Super Bowl stories, and only a few featured stories about the Virginia governor’s stupidity.

Charlotte: “During the decade that ended in 2017, one city of Charlotte utility worker collected more than $330,000 in overtime. He was among more than 20 government employees who, in some years, earned more overtime than salary, state records show.” Well. The Observer analyzed city employees’ overtime pay and found some extreme cases. Love it when the local newspaper investigates.

Lenoir: The News-Topic features a story about the profits involved in bankruptcy. It takes one bankruptcy case, Heritage Home Group, and tracks the amount of money the company overseeing the bankruptcy is billing: $257,649. “That amounts to an average of $515.92 an hour for the five AP Services officials involved.” The story includes a description of a Greensboro hotel where an employee stayed for two nights, at a total cost of $543.09. The story itself is block by a paywall, but for Sunday readers, here is a replica of the paper’s front page, courtesy of the Newseum. (This link will rot Monday morning.)

Wilmington: The lede on the Star-News story says it all: “A racially imbalanced elementary school program. Two former teachers accused of sex crimes against students. A high school girl who was assaulted, and claims her school did not protect her from her attacker.” OK, I’m reading that story in which a parent group wants the school system’s administration investigated, saying officials mishandled or covered up wrongdoing.

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