Sunday sampler

Fayetteville: Here a depressing fact: “From busts of illicit “massage” parlors to allegations of child labor, Cumberland County far exceeded even the largest North Carolina urban areas for new human trafficking cases last year.” The Observer quotes the DA as crediting the focus of law enforcement, which suggests that human trafficking in other cities is way worse than the numbers show.

Winston-Salem: Federal government works on furlough are applying for unemployment benefits. And get this: because of a 2015 state law, they must prove they’ve searched for work each week. “Which means furloughed workers are having to apply for job openings they may have little, if any, intention to fill.” Your governments at work.

Raleigh: This formation of the UNC Board of Governors has shown it to be incompetent, firing Tom Ross, driving out Margaret Spellings, perplexed by Silent Sam, and, now, giving Carol Folt no alternative but to resign. The board is an embarrassment to a great public university system. Read the N&O’s piece.

Henderson: The Daily Dispatch has what looks to be a compelling story about a cold case involving the killing of a 12-year-old by a 13-year-old, but it’s behind a paywall. Here is the start of it on the front page. (This link will only last through Sunday.)

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