Sunday sampler

Charlotte: The new sheriff in Mecklenburg has ended the county jail’s  practice of holding teenage offenders in solitary confinement, This as published online on Thursday, but made it to the front page of the Observer today. “Once you get in there, it’s like being trapped in a box,” said the inmate, who has begun serving a sentence for armed robbery “I think it’s a crazy life. Just sitting in that cell.” The inmate said he is happy for the new opportunities outside the DDU. He is attending classes with other young offenders at Jail North and hopes to get his GED.

Asheville: The Citizen-Times published a piece by Kirk Ross of Carolina Public Press about the 2019 issues before the elected officials in Raleigh. It ran on the CPP’s site on Dec. 31. No matter, it’s a good piece that everyone should read. It includes discussion of hurricane recovery, Medicaid expansion and the 9th Congressional District.

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