Sunday sampler, snow edition

The worst kind of snow storm for a newspaper: one that happens overnight. The front page is automatically old AND delivery people are hard-pressed to deliver the paper anyway.

Hickory: The Daily Record takes a quick look at immigration through the words of those to whom it’s important. “One is the president of the most powerful nation in the world and he speaks in an unvarnished fashion 140 characters at a time. One is an immigrant working to become a citizen of the United States. One is a pastor working with a congregation to, as he says, plant seeds of hope along Springs Road and open a door to non-English speakers.”

Charlotte: Capitalism often hurts the poor. The Observer has a good example: “After the Great Recession, the nation struggled with millions of soured mortgages, foreclosures and abandoned properties. Wall Street private equity firms and hedge funds started buying tens of thousands of single-family houses and renting them out. In some cases, they got help from the federal government, which sold them distressed mortgages at steep discounts.” And they’re jacking up the rents.

Raleigh & Charlotte: Both papers have the same story about the long, reprehensible history of possible election fraud in Bladen and Robeson counties. “It’s at least the fifth time since 2010 that state officials have looked into Bladen County elections. District Attorney Jon David, in a January letter to the State Bureau of Investigation, wrote of the county’s “troubled history of political groups exploiting the use of absentee ballots” to skew results for their candidates.”