Sunday sampler, Veterans Day edition

Nearly all of the N.C. newspaper front pages feature Veterans Day stories. Some papers went all the way or close to it – GreensboroHickoryStatesville, Winston-Salem, High Point, Forest City. Good for them Two newspapers honored veterans with more unique, specialized and, to me, interesting stories:

Fayetteville: The Observer features a fascinating war story about the 30th Infantry Division protecting Hill 314 in WWII. Want to read about American heroes — men who were younger  then than the students I teach now — read this.

Charlotte: Speaking of heroes, don’t describe the four brothers who served in WWII and are still alive to talk about it. “The real heroes are those who gave their lives during the war,” Rufus Dalton said. “We’re just four guys who outlived everybody else. And we were just part of the unified national effort to take three dictators out and put the world back in shape again.” Also, heroes.