Sunday sampler

Mooresville and Statesville: The Tribune and Record & Landmark publish basically the same story by the Record & Landmark’s reporter on coal ash disposal sites in the region. “Mooresville has more coal ash structural fills than any other area in the state. Nearly 1 million cubic yards of ash is buried in the town. And that represents the sites that NCDEQ knows about.” Good journalism, letting the public know about the sites before something terrible happens.

Wilmington: New Hanover County is booming, and the hospitals are running to keep up with the sick people. The Star-News tells how. Already, New Hanover Regional Medical Center is focusing on children and stroke victims. More is to come.

Raleigh: The News & Observer has a fine story about prosecuting drug dealers for murder when ODs occur.  “Charging opioid suppliers with murder in fatal overdoses is increasingly common in North Carolina. No one keeps track of the total across all 100 counties, but prosecutors have brought at least 20 cases in the last two years as the state’s opioid crisis worsens.”