Sunday sampler

Morganton: Mistreating the ill and infirm is despicable. So I appreciate the News-Herald keeping abuse allegations the J. Iverson Riddle Developmental Center front and center. (The story on the front page is a later, write-through version of the story I link here, but I can’t find the staff written story on the website.) “Carl Lanier, the Summit area director, told police that staff used a lanyard to snap or pop at and hit the resident in the back of the head, back and shoulders, the report said. Lanier also told police that the resident was told by a staff member to go after another staff member and hit them, the report said.”

Charlotte: Tracking how public money is spent is a key role of good journalism. The Observer reports that the city has spent or committed $124 million to build affordable housing, but: “More than 70 percent of the new rental and home ownership units that the City Council helped developers build aren’t affordable to those most in need — families like Simpson’s whose incomes the federal government considers “extremely low.”

Greensboro: In April, a tornado swept through east Greensboro, leaving $48 million in damage. (Hurricane Matthew victims will appreciate this.) Clean up is sloooooow, the News & Record says. “Six months later and the path a 135-mph tornado took through east Greensboro is still easily traced from the trail of downed trees, new utility poles and tarps covering houses here — but also the few new roofs along the streets of Cottage Grove, the second-oldest African-American community in the city.”

Wilmington: Speaking of storms, Wilmington is trying to learn from the devastation left by Hurricane Florence. The Star-News has a comprehensive look at the problems the storm caused.