What is “the Enemy of the People” doing today?

Let’s take a look at what the Enemy of the People in North Carolina are reporting today!

The largest paper in North Carolina, the Charlotte Observer is all over the upcoming Republican National Convention with a positive headline, “RNC 2020 could give Charlotte better access.”

The News & Observer in Raleigh, meanwhile, has three stories: one on a constitutional amendment pertaining to hunting and fishing, another on cities hiring workers, and a third on climate research. OK, that last one the president may not like because it involves, like, science.

Greensboro’s News & Record tells its readers about a positive story about High  Point’s police department, and another story about gangs, certainly an issue the president likes to talk about.

How about positive business news from the Winston-Salem Journal?

Local news stories and features from smaller papers, such as Statesville.

Government activity in Morehead City.


You can find more at the Newseum site, where I got these. I don’t see anything that make the newspapers in North Carolina — or any other state, for that matter — and “enemy of the state.” Instead, they are full of real, not fake, stories — news, features and analysis — of people and events that communities care about. Journalists track the daily happenings where they live every day. They watch government, check out police departments and follow court proceedings. Journalism is an honorable craft.

I’ll leave the rest to Mindy McAdams, a journalism professor at the University of Florida.


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