Twitter, Trump and the dancing flamingo

I like to troll public officials when they do something hypocritical (often) or, frankly, something I think is bad for the country. That puts President Trump in my cross hairs. And most of the time, I try to have fun with it. Most of the time.

When I read that he referred to flamenco dancers as “flamingo dancers,” I could resist showing him what a flamingo dancer looks like, which I did in a tweet.

A few days later, a former student told me that the tweet had been featured on CNN. I thought it was simply something the news channel put on its running crawl, along with others. Then I clicked the link to the Jeanne Moos piece. My tweet comes at the 1:25 mark. She refers to me as “someone,” which is vague yet accurate.

I’m grateful that I made President Trump’s most despised network. He hasn’t yet called me dumb, for which I’m also grateful.

P.S. I have no idea how CNN found that tweet.