Sunday sampler

Greensboro: My friend Joe Killian wrote about gangs in Greensboro 8 or 9 years ago. The News & Record updates the gang activity in the city, and an update was definitely needed. “Capt. Nathaniel Davis, who has been tasked with looking into why the city has seen an increase, says Greensboro’s number of gangs and their members fluctuate constantly. At last count, there were 38 sets of gangs and 750 members. That’s up from the 624 gang members in 2015.”

Fayetteville: The cliche of “every parent’s nightmare” really applies to this story in the Observer about two boys who went to the movies in 1964 and were never seen again. And this one is pretty creepy.  “The boys were probably killed on that hot September day when they disappeared, some believed. And the killer was probably the one person they had suspected all along.”

Raleigh: The GOP legislature stops at nothing to increase its power and smother opposition. Much of the time, it pushes issues that have no reason for being. Now we voters are faced with a constitutional amendment to protect hunting and fishing as a right. What, you didn’t know they are under attack? I mean, just like the war against Christmas! Oh, wait. I’m wrong about that, the sponsor of the amendment says. “I would not say it was under attack in North Carolina,” Tucker said. “It is the possibility of the future of the heritage of hunting being removed through municipalities and counties and by restricting hunting rights in certain areas.” Sigh.

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