Sunday sampler

Asheville: The lede in the Citizen-Times says it: “Six-figure premiums paid over 15 months by Buncombe taxpayers for valuable life insurance went unreported as compensation, meaning a total of $2.3 million was left off tax forms for 10 county employees despite federal law requirements.” The paper continues its strong coverage of the tenure and financial irregularities of a former county manager.

Raleigh: I guarantee you that cancer and diabetes are not diseases “of choice.” Published online a week ago, this story details some issues – including the above — with a text used in a required health course at UNC-Chapel Hill. More recently, the N&O published this piece of the co-author of the text defending it. “I seriously doubt anyone would say they choose cancer or heart disease or type 2 diabetes, etc.,” Hager’s email said. “But without question, choices can and do have consequences and there is ample evidence of various kinds … that show certain behaviors within our control can contribute to increased risk of disease, and not at a minuscule level.” (Both stories are combined for today’s story in the paper.

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  1. I get riled when the American Cancer Society stat of 1/3rd of cancers can be prevented because no one is willing to talk about the other 2/3rds – some relates to genetics but A LOT relates to chemicals and other carcinogens that we’re subjected to. Hope someone will take on that discrepancy.

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