Sunday sampler

Greensboro: I am always happy — and all North Carolinians should be happy — when the General Assembly goes home. It means the members can screw up the state any longer. Or, rather, until they gather again. The News & Record take a deep look at what they did and didn’t do. And it doesn’t look all that good, thanks to a gerrymandered district system that gives all the power to one party. They could use it to lift everyone or to run roughshod. You can guess which they chose.

Raleigh: Hurricane Matthew is still causing problems two years after it hit Eastern North Carolina. The News & Observer writes of the effort to identify the remains of coffins from a cemetery in Goldsboro that floated to the surface during the flooding. “The first 18 were easy, Irving said. Those contained water-tight plastic or metal tubes with identifying paperwork for the deceased, or the caskets were still partially contained within their vaults, which had inscribed markers set into the lids. Those 18 were reburied in their original resting places. The other 18 presented a greater challenge. Separated from their vaults and missing the plastic tubes with the paperwork because some funeral homes didn’t use them, those remains were left to be identified by DNA”

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