Sunday sampler

Asheville: The VA nursing home in Asheville doesn’t offer the very best care, according to a news media investigation, but officials tell the Citizen-Times they are addressing the problems. “The USA Today/Boston Globe report on all VA nursing homes found the Charles George Community Living Center received an overall quality score of 515, making it a one-star facility, the lowest ranking.”

Charlotte: You know those people who don’t bother to recycle and throw their bottles and cans and boxes in the trash? In some cases, they are more efficient than you. The Observer writes that many recyclables go straight to the landfill. “The county estimates that recycling a ton of material now costs twice as much as dumping it in a landfill. Charlotte and other cities and towns say that recycling is worth it because they believe it’s the best thing for the environment and that residents have come to expect it.”


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