Sunday sampler

Many of the newspaper front pages have stories and photos of the marches in favor of sane immigration policies. There are other stories.

Asheville: I admit it angers me that my tax money goes to a place that uses religion to promote its anti-abortion, anti-contraception stance. But that’s what you get with the Republican-controlled legislature. The Citizen-Times takes us inside the Mountain Area Pregnancy Services, which got a quarter of a million dollars from the state to, well, promote child birth. “What MAPS will not do, said Hrncir, is provide information on or referrals for contraception or abortion. ‘We are pro-life and operate under that belief, so contraception and abortion are not things we would encourage or support, and it is not included as an option at the center,’ Hrncir said.”

Greensboro: I’ve always wondered why people get struck by trains. Like, there’s a track and trains are noisy. What the hell? The News & Record takes a look at one of the deadliest stretch of track. “People believe they will hear or feel the movement of a train and have time to move to safety, Smock said. That, he said, is a myth. The vast majority of that sound is behind the locomotive, meaning the train makes little to no noise as it approaches.”

Winston-Salem: The Journal’s front page is dedicated to opioid and heroin addictions, including three strong profiles of people fighting the addictions. One thing, though. The three profiles are of three white people. Diversity would have helped the package.

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