Sunday sampler, Father’s Day edition

No Father’s Day stories here.

Charlotte: The Observer has a smart take on income disparity when it compared the zip code with the highest median income with the lowest, which happens to be six miles away. “The difference between the highest and lowest median incomes in 2016 was about $103,000. That’s up more than $3,000 from five years prior, using inflation-adjusted figures.The widening gap between the lowest and highest income areas shows an increase in Charlotte’s residential segregation, said Laura Simmons, director of community indicators at UNC Charlotte’s Urban Institute.”

Fayetteville: The Observer looks at lawsuits filed against the hog industry for its stench and nuisances. One side says the hog farms aren’t doing enough to solve the problems; the other says it is. The looming threat: “If we keep losing these suits, it is going to be very difficult to continue to do business in North Carolina,” Sullivan said Friday in a telephone interview. “In North Carolina, do we want agriculture or not? If we don’t, I don’t know what there is going to be in eastern North Carolina.”

Lenoir: How can you not read a story headlined “Naked woman flees police”? (Well, because I don’t have a subscription, but still.)


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