Sunday sampler

Greensboro: Nearly 20 years ago, she was “Baby Doe,” abandoned in the cold outside a few hours old. Now she’s graduated from high school and embracing the world. Jeri Rowe tells one helluva story of her journey in the News & Record. “Baby Doe has come a long way,” says Carrie Thomas, now 56. “From a timid, fragile little girl, she has blossomed into a smart, intelligent young lady. She is my Angel, and now the sky is the limit. There is nothing she can’t do.”

Fayetteville: Amid the craziness and bigotry of present day Washington, there’s this story from the Observer about a transgender soldier at Ft. Bragg. “We’re all trained together,” Nidez said. “We all fight together. I don’t think I’ll be leaving the Army soon.”

Forest City: I appreciate how the Daily Courier has kept track of the Word of Faith Fellowship trials. It’s a story that must be tracked comprehensively. This story is an update on one of the minister’s arraignment on Monday and isn’t notable, which is good because it’s behind a paywall. (Here is the front page, courtesy of the Newseum.) I’ve just finished Wiley Cash’s “A Land More Kind Than Home” and I’m interested in how people can be persuaded to give up their rationality and skepticism for religion.


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