Sunday sampler

Asheville: I have been out of the know on Asheville’s new limits on police search powers. The City Council required “cutting back on vehicle stops for low-level regulatory violations and limiting “consent” searches. With consent searches, officers lack a reasonable suspicion of a crime, so they must get permission from the people they want to search.” The Citizen-Times elaborates on the national response to the council’s action. Impressive on the part of the council.

Charlotte: The Observer takes another look at guns and politics. True believers on both sides. Despite polls showing most North Carolinians want stricter controls on who is allowed to buy a weapon, it’s likely — my opinion — nothing will happen this year. Sadly, I’m represented in Washington by a gun store owner so you know where he stands — with no strategy other than arming more people. He’s quoted in the story.

Fayetteville: The Observer is tracking 1,4 dioxane, a likely carcinogen used as an industrial solvent and stabilizer, which is in the drinking water of Fayetteville and Wilmington. (Greensboro has it, too.) The Observer outlines why, essentially, little is being done about it.

Raleigh: Should law enforcement be able to access your doctor’s prescription records? Of course, not, right? The N&O reports on legislation in the General Assembly to do just that as it attempts to figure out ways to address the opioid crisis.

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