Sunday sampler

Asheville: Once I got past answering six questions and deleted out of an autoplay ad, I found the Citizen-Times story on whether the city contributed to the flooding in Biltmore Village interesting. “The flood covered parts of Bitlmore Village, and sent merchants and employees scrambling to protect shops with sandbags. The speed of the rising water surprised even longtime merchants. Some now face cancellations and days, to possibly weeks, of cleanup before being able to reopen or bring business back to normal.”

Raleigh & Charlotte: Both the News & Observer and the Observer feature a long report on floods in Western North Carolina and whether a state project to create landslide hazard maps — which was later cut before completing its work — would have helped.  “People, I think, had the perception that if we had landslide maps everywhere then that means that there would be regulations everywhere, and they were anti-regulation,” Bauer said. “So they just said, ‘Well let’s get rid of the mapping, and then we don’t have to worry about regulations.’ I mean, the landslide hazard still exists. People just don’t know about it.”

Sanford: The Herald has a piece about whether the county commissioners should fund a school resource officers at private schools. It’s password protected so I don’t know the details, but I’m interested. That public tax money may go to support private schools seems to be a Republican thing these days, but it still grates.