Sunday sampler

Many papers have Memorial Day stories on their front pages. Some have other notable pieces.

Charlotte: I’m not a racin’ fan, but I like Tom Wolfe’s books so I read this fascinating story in the Observer of the meeting of Tom Wolfe, Junior Johnson and NASCAR. My favorite quote that I wish all of my writing students would learn. “Good gracious, that’s the strangest duck I ever met,” Johnson said when told of the encounter, Higgins recounted. “He came to Wilkes County and it was 95 degrees and he was wearing that white suit. He never was interested in talking to me much, but he wanted to talk to some people in Wilkes County and he really picked some doozies. He was in for some culture shock when he went into Pardue’s Grocery.”

High Point: The Enterprise starts a three-part series on the homeless camps in town. The story is behind a paywall so you can only read a few paragraphs, but it looks informative on an important topic that, honestly, most people don’t want to look at.