Sunday sampler

Charlotte: In Greensboro, the hospital system has bought up many of the private doctor practices. In Charlotte, that is the trend, too. Now this: The Observer reports that nearly 100 doctors have signaled they¬†intend to leave the Atrium hospital system there. They say “Atrium’s practices as bad for patients, including a claim that doctors are ordered to make referrals to Atrium-owned or managed facilities.¬†For consumers, experts say that doctors breaking away from hospitals could mean lower costs, because patients often pay less for treatment at an independent practice than a hospital system.”

Raleigh: Three today from the N&O. First, a piece by my former student Camila Molina on Bishop Michael Curry, who rocked the royal wedding yesterday. Curry is a longtime North Carolinian.

Because I am a contract employee of the UNC system, stories about the takeover of the Board of Governors always interest me. This one documents yet another effort to run an institution that isn’t a business like a business. Government isn’t a business. Education isn’t a business. The goals are different. “Smith has said he wants to make the university system “quicker, smarter, faster and better.” He plans to unveil more detailed goals next week, he said, around the themes of efficiency, renovation and collaboration with community colleges. Smith has emphasized keeping student costs down in a state where the median income is about $50,000. ‘It’s going to be totally different than anything you’ve seen in how the UNC system operates,’ he said in a recent interview, adding, ‘I just want to do some really good work.'”

Last, both of my daughters were birthed with the help of a midwife. So this story on midwives who want the state to lighten up on the regulations struck a chord. Read the story to see the hypocrisy of the state legislature, trying to avoid getting involved.