Sunday sampler

Asheville: The Citizen-Times is staying on top of two stories that I suspect are of interest to Asheville: the police beating of an unarmed black man and the investigation of the former county manager on embezzlement charges. Today, the paper explains to readers, as best it can, how Wanda Greene became an accused thief. “As county manager, Greene was never regularly evaluated as county manager. And she never provided a detailed, line-item budget to commissioners — meaning the board for years approved ordinances that provided only summaries of the county’s annual spending plans.”

The outrage over political spending continues with the News & Observer’s reporting….

Raleigh: Bad enough that millions of donations to the president go toward paying lawyers to defend him in court. At the state level, donations to politicians go toward new clothes and expensive food, including a $600 bar tab at the Players’ Retreat, a longtime Raleigh sports bar. “That was for a reception after a basketball game that takes place every other year between members of the North Carolina and South Carolina legislatures. Dobson said he has taken on a leadership role in that game, which includes paying for the reception. As part of those responsibilities, Dobson also paid $450 to outfit the North Carolina team with jerseys.” (The story ran on the front page of the N&O and the Charlotte Observer.)

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