Sunday sampler

Many North Carolina newspaper featured the gun control rallies on their front pages. There were also other interesting pieces.

Asheville: I can’t read this story in full because I’ve reached my limit of free articles at the Citizen-Times. However, the paper has gotten hold of some Snapchat videos of a boy shooting his pistol into the woods and making threats against his high school. He was arrested months later. The Times says the videos “show how obvious warning signs can go unreported for so long. The videos also illustrate how threats of school shootings have become pervasive in the age of social media.”

Charlotte: I wasn’t going to read this story about a Charlotte woman anguishing over having her foot amputated; I have enough sadness in my world. But I got sucked in. And inspired. “I Move for Jenn.” “The fact that I went out in public over the weekend twice like this,” Jenn Andrews says, sweeping her hand across legs dressed in capri sweatpants, “without a maxi dress, that is like not who I thought that I would be. But in a good way. … I went into this depressed – this sad, broken person – and I’ve come out this stronger version of the old me.”

Raleigh: The story in the News & Observer starts this way: “Some rural North Carolina counties are planning to have former law enforcement and military police officers serve as armed volunteers at schools….” Armed volunteers. What could go wrong?


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