Sunday sampler

Asheville: The beating of a jaywalker in Asheville last year has recently gotten national attention, thanks to good Citizen-Times reporting. Now the paper asks whether the man should have fled the police officer who beat and tased him. And the answer, as you might suspect, is complicated. An interesting sidenote: The tag on the story is “Asheville Police Beating.” Something no city wants.

Charlotte: In North Carolina, state legislators must live in the district they represent. (I almost wrote “serve” there. Haha.) If you’re like me, and marvel at the convolutions politicians will make to get a job or hold onto a job, you’ll enjoy the Observer’s story about candidates stretching the meaning of “live.” The lead: “One candidate lives on the beach, more than 300 miles from the district in which he’s running. An Asheville City Council member rented a Charlotte mailbox for his race in Mecklenburg County.”

High Point:  Gerald Hege was sheriff of Davidson County until he was convicted of obstruction of justice 14 years ago. He wants to run for the seat again, and argues that a law barring felons from being sheriff doesn’t apply because his record was expunged. Having an ex-con makes some kind of sense, I guess, in this political environment. (Password protected. Here’s the story on the front page.)

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