Sunday sampler

Raleigh and Asheville: Both the News & Observer and the Citizen-Times have stories about guns and gun control. The Citizen-Times asked its Washington representatives about gun control proposals and got the predictable 2nd Amendment defenses. Note that N.C.’s senators get millions from the NRA. The N&O explains the state’s gun laws. “Before 2015, local law enforcement officials were allowed to use their discretion in denying someone one of those permits – for example, if the applicant had never been convicted of a crime but the county sheriff knew he was a gang member, or if the sheriff simply didn’t want any locals owning machine guns. But that changed after former Gov. Pat McCrory signed a wide-ranging gun bill into law that included several changes, including one requiring sheriffs to approve those NFA permit applications as long as the person meets all the guidelines.”

Asheville: The Citizen-Times continues its reporting on the behavior of the former county manager, this time detailing her county-issued credit card expenses. She ate well.

Greensboro: The News & Record’s first graph: “Dr. Gregory Levitin finds dangerously enlarged blood vessels — each the size of a man’s finger when it should have resembled spaghetti — as he starts to remove an 8-pound tumor off the face of 22-year-old Lucas McCulley, who is under anesthesia.”

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