Sunday sampler

Charlotte: The Observer tells us what most of us know: Gun control ain’t happening in N.C., as far as the General Assembly is concerned. I post it because of this bananas quote: “Folks want to try to drag the gun debate into it,” Republican House Speaker Tim Moore told a TV interviewer last week. “Look, that’s a discussion for another time.” He’s talking about the president of the United States. And that “another time” is called “never.”

Fayetteville: “So far, no state or federal agency is looking at whether the potentially dangerous compound has contaminated crops and livestock for miles around the Chemours plant.” That’s the beginning of a story in the Observer that ought to frighten everyone from Brunswick County to Cumberland County. More, maybe. “So far, nobody knows whether GenX may have been contaminating crops and livestock for years around the Chemours plant, where the compound is made.”

Greensboro: The DA in Rockingham County used state money for his own benefit, was convicted of a misdemeanor and resigned his office. Then his successor found problems with some of his convictions. That’s old news. The new news is that “He was assigned to nearly 96 defendants and a staggering 396 cases during his 26-month tenure.” The News & Record takes look at some of the cases and what might happen with them.

Greensboro: This isn’t good for the Guilford school system, is it? It doesn’t seem good. “An analysis Love presented Wednesday showed worse outcomes for black and Hispanic students in school discipline, test achievement and class placement than white students in Guilford County Schools. It also showed that black and Hispanic school employees are more likely than white employees to have a salary that is below the average for all district employees (the analysis lumps all jobs together).”

Raleigh:  On Oscar day, the N&O examines the status of N.C.’s faltering film industry. (As did students in one of my classes.) You can thank the General Assembly for running the film studios out of the state.


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