Sunday sampler

Appreciations of Billy Graham and responses to the Parkland killings dominated the front pages of N.C. papers today. Here are some:

Asheville: As Billy Graham lived nearby, the Citizen-Times was all over his motorcade. The more interesting story is about efforts to keep children in schools safe. And here’s the compelling lead: “When Tony Tipton considers the idea of arming schoolteachers, what comes to mind is this: What would it be like for a teacher to face down a former student, also wielding a gun? ‘To actually take a gun, pull a trigger and shoot who may have been a student you had a year ago, or yesterday, would be a lot to ask,’ the Yancey County school district superintendent said.”

Charlotte: The Observer has a 14-page section on Graham. The more interesting story is about the racial disparities in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools. It isn’t surprising, but I’m glad the Observer put it on the front. “White students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s low-poverty schools have the best shot by far at getting top-notch teachers and graduating ready for college, while black and Hispanic students in high-poverty schools are left behind.”

Greensboro: The News & Record followed up the Parkland killings with a story about guns and mental health. Or, rather, mental illness. And, it’s complicated. “Information from a denied concealed carry permit from the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office wasn’t readily available to police to illustrate why Tokazowski shouldn’t get his guns back, Scott said. Tokazowski had been denied the permit because he had been ruled mentally unfit by the courts. Scott said the sheriff’s office could not tell police why Tokazowski had been denied the permit because of privacy laws.”

High Point: The Enterprise examines U.S. Supreme Court rulings on the Second Amendment. (Story behind a paywall.)

Sanford: The Herald details what school safety procedures and technology are in place already, including locked doors, cameras and school resource officers (Story behind a paywall.)

Raleigh: You know that “fake news” that the NRA and gun nuts spout about the government coming to take our guns? The N&O features a story about the number of assault rifles out there. “No one has any idea how many assault rifles are in circulation. That’s intentional. By law, the government isn’t allowed to gather that metric and put it in a modern, searchable electronic database.”

Winston-Salem: Try to imagine the man who killed your husband being up for parole. The Journal helps with a story about a woman whose police officer husband was killed 26 years ago. The murderer is up for parole. “When the hearing rolls around, probably in mid-April, members of the commission will have reviewed the contents of a parole investigation including records about the crime, Crews’ previous criminal record, his conduct while in the prison system and input from court officials, interested parties and the victim’s families.

“’Records is all they have to go by,’ Tise said. “I want to tell them that I lost the love of my life. That’s what I lost, and I’m a different person because of that. You either stay down or you get up and move forward. And it doesn’t take much to knock you back down again.’”


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  1. I wonder who wrote that Sanford Herald story. Hope all is well John! We need to get coffee or something sometime when I’m in Chapel Hill.

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