Sunday sampler

Many front pages featured Martin Luther King Day festivities. Good, particularly given President Trump’s racist sentiments.

Fayetteville: I like movies and I’ll see “12 Strong,” a story about the “horse soldiers,” a Special Forces team that entered Afghanistan after 9-11.The Observer tells the story from the view of a few of the real “horse soldiers,” who watched the movie in an invitation-only premiere. “While based on true events, the men said the story also had been adapted for Hollywood, with events presented out of order or otherwise changed to add drama. ‘The movie is a fictional portrayal,’ Nutsch said. ‘But there are threads of truth.’” Better yet, the paper gives the story historical context.

Raleigh: I’m always stunned when I read a story like this about cult leaders. The N&O does a write-thru on McCollum Ranch, which for 30 years has been, well, I don’t know what it’s been. But this is what you need to know: “Police announced McCollum’s arrest on Wednesday, along with the arrests of three women who investigators say were involved in his enterprises. Police charge that children ages 9 to 17 were forced to work for long hours, often more than 40 per week, for little or no pay, and that the children were denied education and care.”

Raleigh: The N&O also tells the story of a homeless woman and her daughter, as part of a larger story on homelessness in Wake County. It’s not an unusual story, but it’s important to keep in front of people, because homelessness isn’t going away under the umbrella of “Make America Great Again!” excitement. “Homelessness in Wake County increased in 2017, although it declined in North Carolina overall. The Wake numbers, counted during a single night last January, increased about 8 percent to 884 people. Other measures are even more striking: The number of people who came in contact with homelessness services in Wake County at least once in a given year has increased 31 percent since 2015, reaching 5,500 last year, according to the Raleigh/Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness.”


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