Sunday sampler

Slim pickings, as newspapers restaff from a long holiday.

Fayetteville: The Observer continues the vital – and increasingly lonely – job of questioning government openness and transparency. “Multiple cost estimates for a baseball stadium parking deck that could have saved taxpayers millions of dollars were discussed behind closed doors at a Fayetteville City Council meeting last month, city documents show.”

Greensboro: The GOP legislature is sticking taxpayers with a $5.6 million and rising bill to pay for the legal defense of the indefensible: its racially gerrymandered redistricting. If nothing else, that should be an argument in favor of an independent redistricting commission. Don’t hold your breath.

Greensboro: Now, read a story about a tough, inspirational woman, whose face was bitten off by her dog a year ago and is now rebuilding herself physically and emotionally. “This year, I have seen a warrior with more courage, heart and character than I have ever found in anyone,” (Anna) Dermatas said of her sister, Alexis, 41.” And if you don’t think that the community (& newspaper) doesn’t help, think again. “The effort to help Alexis has raised more than $200,000 for her medical and travel costs. Friends and family held fundraisers and dug deep. The Greek Orthodox church in Columbia, S.C., where her aunt is a member, raised more than $6,000. More than $60,000 in donations came last August after the News & Record profiled the effort to reconstruct her face. A pancake breakfast that followed raised $10,000 in four hours.”

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