Sunday sampler, New Year’s edition

On this New Year’s Eve, many North Carolina papers have stories looking backward and forward on their front pages. A sampling from Asheville, Fayetteville, Forest City, Carteret County, Sanford and Rockingham County.

Still, there are other stories.

Raleigh: The N&O looks at the “problem” of college athletics and travel and missed classes. I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but I’ve taught college athletes in football, basketball, track, golf, soccer, fencing and rowing. They have missed classes, but not many, and they worked overtime to make them up. So when I wrote “problem” with quotation marks, I meant it isn’t a problem in my classes. But I suspect that the Carolina faithful will be happy to read that the story primarily focuses on Duke.

Charlotte: The Observer raises questions about the costs of the combination of Carolinas HealthCare System and UNC Health Care. Specifically, whether it will lower costs for consumers. Many experts expect the opposite will happen. “North and South Carolina consumers could see significant spikes in health care costs, as both states already have a limited number of hospital systems, Compass said.”

Greensboro: In September, two cars collided and five people were killed. The News & Record spends some time with the mother of one of the victims. It’s a story that is truly a parent’s nightmare. “She doesn’t want to discuss the chase. She hasn’t watched news footage of the aftermath. She won’t read stories that describe her daughter’s last moments. Everything is “before it happened” and “after it happened.”

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