Sunday sampler, Christmas edition

“Mule shot with arrow” is why I love newspapers, particularly small ones. And I’m not being the least bit facetious. Thank you, Guy Lucas.

Greensboro: What’s it like to be homeless in the cold of winter? Two executives from the United Way decided to find out, and they wrote about it. First, they became invisible, even to people who knew them. “After answering a series of questions related to services they could receive, such as those for veterans, both emphasized they had no place to sleep that night. In each case, their names were entered into the North Carolina Statewide Homeless Management Information System. The IRC keeps track of beds locally and the waiting list to get one. Both received the same, immediate answer. There were no beds in any of the shelters. ‘There was a sense of hopelessness,’ Cottingham said.” Read it. It’s a compelling story.

Raleigh: The appointment of excellent judges is vital to an effective democracy. That’s why the questioning of some of President Trump’s selections is so important. And why it’s worth looking at Thomas Farr, who worked with Sen. Jesse Helms and has been nominated to fill a U.S. District Court vacancy. “In the aftermath of Helms’ 1990 re-election campaign, Farr was part of the defense against U.S. Justice Department complaints of voter intimidation after postcards were sent to more than 100,000 mostly black voters telling them they were ineligible to vote and might be arrested if they tried.”

Greensboro: The News & Record also has a piece on Type 1 diabetes with personal meaning to me. My younger daughter is a Type 1 diabetic, the disease making itself known late in her 20s. The N&R tells the story of my friend Don Brady’s contributions to fighting juvenile diabetes, even before finding out one of his grandson’s has the disease.

Asheville: The Citizen-Times has a good piece about charities being short-changed by the tax law. I couldn’t find it on the website, though, so here is a Washington Post story on the same issue.


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