Sunday sampler

Asheville: The GOP legislature has a pattern of meddling in municipal government, and this story in the Citizen-Times is yet another illustration of the bullying tactics Republican legislators are using to force their partisan agenda onto cities. I like this story because the Democratic senator who lives in Asheville calls the sponsor of the law – who lives in Hendersonville – out on his bullshit. (A bonus: The GOP lawmaker called the Democrats comments “possibly perfidious,” forcing most readers to their dictionaries.)

Charlotte:  Can’t pay your court-ordered fine? You get put in jail. At taxpayer expense. Judges in Mecklenburg County are going to do something about that, holding hearing to determine a defendant’s economic status before levying a penalty. “On any given day at the Mecklenburg County Jail, more than 300 people – 18 percent of the average daily inmate population – are locked up solely because they failed or can’t afford to pay fines or other monetary penalties attached to their criminal cases, according to county figures.”

Raleigh: The academic-athletic scandal at UNC will never die, will it? “UNC-Chapel Hill’s accreditor says it will look into statements the university made to an NCAA panel at an August hearing that showed support for classes at the heart of a long-running academic scandal that involved a disproportionate number of athletes.Those statements, made behind closed doors in August and recently disclosed by the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions in its decision not to punish UNC, appear to contradict a promise UNC made four years ago to the accreditor that the classes would not be counted towards graduation.”

Lenoir: News-Topic editor Guy Lucas will also become publisher. Guy says on Facebook that he has forfeited his soul. I doubt that. His dignity maybe.

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  1. According to Edwards’ argument, trump should not be ptersident… Moreover, he wants to simply ignore the results of an election because he disagrees with the outcome. Authoritarian, anyone?

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