Sunday sampler

Tuesday is Election Day, which means that many newspapers front pages featured election previews. Thank god for newspapers because without them I don’t know where you’re going to get the information in an easier to use format. (Not here, that’s for sure.) And it means that the page 1 real estate is limited for good enterprise stories. Here are two:

Raleigh:┬áSo much of what the state legislature has done in recent years has been partisan hackery that it would be a useful exercise for the editorial board at the News & Observer to rank them. Messing around with the state judiciary has to rank toward the top. (You know that when legislators bitch about activist judges, they mean they don’t like their rulings. No surprise the legislators don’t like judicial rulings as they’ve lost many lawsuits over the past six or seven years.) The N&O reviews the most recent of the legislature’s attack on the judiciary, and the pushback by some judges who better understand the state Constitution.


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