Sunday sampler

Greensboro: When BH Media bought the News & Record, there was thought that it was doing it not for the love of the newspaper business, but for the value of the land the newspaper building sat on. The News & Record writes a long piece about the possible sale of that land, and its role in downtown development. Rick Edmonds of the Poynter Institute calls it a win-win for the paper and the city. I say, that’s only true if the money goes back into the paper, rather than to corporate stockholders. That’s a big if.

Both the Fayetteville Observer and the Wilmington Star-News have one-year anniversary stories on Hurricane Matthew. The papers, particularly Fayetteville, have been aggressive in keeping attention on the victims of the hurricane.”A year later, the legacy of Matthew scars every part of the region. Entire blocks of homes remain gutted, their owners enduring the aggravation of governmental red tape. Economic relief has been slow and inadequate, with more than 2,000 eligible homeowners in eastern North Carolina waiting for additional aid. Many families continue to pay mortgages on homes they can’t live in, while also paying rent on temporary places.”

Related, a few students in one of my classes wrote about Windsor, N.C., which has been flooded several times in the past 20 years, including by Hurricane Matthew.

Asheville: Want to see how not to handle government salaries? Read the story in the Citizen-Times about a former county manager who received a six-figure check that maybe she doesn’t deserve. Of course, few involved are talking because the public records request was released as part of a Friday news dump.


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