Sunday sampler

I skipped the past two weeks because I was out of the country. I could have been like our esteemed president, who is in N.J. for a 17-day vacation, which he insists is not a vacation. Mine was a vacation.

Charlotte: For five years, public officials have been told that the texts they send are public records.Not surprisingly, public officials either don’t care or weren’t paying attention. The Observer found that many local governments aren’t following the law. Meanwhile, making the Observer’s point, the Enquirer-Journal in Monroe reports that the Union County sheriff says that the text messages requested in a suit filed by WBTV no longer exist.

Greensboro: The News & Record has a wonderful story that is hard to start — about a woman whose dog bite her face, slashing it up and tearing off her nose. And then you get to this section: “After not saying a word for hours, and nearly choking on her blood in the emergency room, Alexis grabbed the arm of the person moving her to an operating room. “’Can I,’” she said matter-of-factly, “’order a Jennifer Aniston nose?’”

Lenoir: The News-Topic outlines the problems with drugs in Lenior, and it’s not pretty. While the full story is behind a paywall, what’s on the front page is compelling enough. It’s not just coke, meth of heroin. It’s fentanyl, too.

Morganton: The headline of the News Herald says it all: “Woman arrested twice in 24 hours among three caught trafficking meth.” I post this not to make fun — although, c’mon — but to point to the addictive powers of meth. She made bond at 9:50 p.m. and was back dealing almost immediately because she was arrested again less than four hours later, according to police.


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