Sunday sampler

Several front pages of N.C. newspapers featured stories about the opioid crisis. Including:

Charlotte: The Observer tells the story of a 25-year-old heroin addict who was basically stored for two days in a hospital emergency department because all the treatment centers were full. “A growing opioid and heroin epidemic has escalated a problem that health care professionals have been raising concerns about for years: North Carolina has inadequate services for people with mental and behavioral health diseases.”

Greensboro: Staying in the medical field, the News & Record tells the story of a small town hospital and what happens when it gets so financially strapped it has to file for bankruptcy protection. (And it goes beyond blaming Medicaid or Obamacare.) “The possibility of the hospital going under hangs over a blue-collar community that’s already struggling to rebound from the loss of textile jobs that allowed many families to buy a house and send children to college. Eden, like the hospital, is struggling to exist in a world that’s changing around it.”


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