Sunday sampler, Father’s Day edition

Unlike Mother’s Day, not that many newspapers have Father’s Day stories on their front pages. Suits me because there are several other interesting stories.

Greensboro: The News & Record identifies the most influential 20 people in Greensboro. As are all lists like this, it’s subjective, which the paper acknowledges. But it states its criteria, and it makes sense. It’s a solid list with some regulars — people who would have been on such a list 25 years ago — and some surprises. I like stories like this. The names don’t have be the same you or I would select, but they do tell readers about the city in a way most daily news stories don’t.

Charlotte: Driving drunk and causing a wreck that kills a woman is terrible. Having three drunken driving charges and two convictions before that and still keeping your driving license? The Observer examines how that happened. You probably won’t like the explanations.

Raleigh:┬áThe state legislature has let it be known for three or four years that it doesn’t care for protesters in the capital building. After namecalling — “Moron Monday” — and mass arrests, now come the bans. “Asked why the bans are needed, (General Assembly Police Chief Martin) Brock said, ‘If someone has been arrested two or three times, would it be reasonable to expect that they would be arrested again? That would be my observation.’ Unconstitutional? Seems like it.

Lenoir: The News-Topic has a neat story about a man researching his family history and who decided to check out a family rumor. He ended up believing that his grandfather killed a man and got away with it. Sadly for me, there’s a paywall so I couldn’t read the entire story.


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