Sunday sampler

Raleigh and Charlotte: The News & Observer and the Charlotte Observer joined, as they do, for investigative stories. Today’s looks at inequities in school education. And as with so many things, it seems to correlate with poverty. “Thousands of low-income children who get “superior” marks on end-of-grade tests aren’t getting an equal shot at advanced classes designed to challenge gifted students. As they start fourth grade, bright children from low-income families are much more likely to be excluded from the more rigorous classes than their peers from families with higher incomes, the analysis shows.” It also includes a handy district-by-district search tool.

Asheville: In case you think being transgendered is a choice, read the Citizen-Times’ story on Emma, who was born a boy and is now 6.  “One day Emma came to her parents with a question: ‘Why do people call me ‘he’ when I’m a ‘she’?’  Amy recalled. ‘That’s about the time we started realizing that she has always known her soul was female,’ the mother said.” This is an outstanding story of a family’s struggle with a child born different and with societal’s norms.

Winston-Salem: It takes a while for the Journal to get to what I consider interesting in this story about executive compensation: that 13 executives with Triad ties make a base pay of more than $1 million. Nineteen got at least $1 million in incentive pay. (In the comments section, a reader asks, “Missing from the list: Winston-Salem Journal. What’s the salary of its new publisher, Alton Brown?” It hasn’t been answered yet.)

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  1. What’s NOT click

    bait: Meticulously researched stories about poverty and schools…..Hats off to the Observer and N&O for standing strong against the onrushing Apocalypse….

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