Sunday sampler

I can’t figure out why so many newspapers put President Trump’s speech on their front pages, given that he said nothing new or newsworthy. But maybe that’s just me. I also can’t understand why my home newspaper would put this story on the front page purporting to be what “locals” think of Trump — only Trump supporters with no refutation of their claims — but maybe that’s just me, too.

Charlotte: The Observer tells the story of Montreat College’s policy to require its faculty and staff to sign a covenant attesting to their opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion. A small, private institution, the school can do what it likes. And live with the consequences. Still, for all of the conservatives who criticize universities that discourage conservative speakers, you’d think that conservative institutions would promote diversity of thought.

Fayetteville: The Observer continues its coverage of the impact Hurricane Matthew had on Eastern North Carolina. “Downtown Fair Bluff is, for lack of a better word, sort of creepy the first time you stroll down Main Street at midday. Ellis Meares & Son True Value Hardware has sacks of bird feed and paint supplies in the window. The senior center has pictures of smiling clients on the front window, but none inside. A broom leans against the wall at J.B. Evans Municipal Center, as if its owner propped it there, expecting to return momentarily.”

That’s a great lede, but here’s the point: “According to government estimates, 85 percent of the community was underwater for as much as a week. When the Lumber finally slipped back into its banks a week later, it had taken the heart of Fair Bluff with it.”

Raleigh: Anyone who has been near a hog farm knows the noxious smell. Imagine having to live with it. The N&O has reported for years on the stench of the farms and the stench of the cozy relationship the farm owners have with legislators. With more legislation passed during this session providing further protection of the farms from lawsuits, the N&O updates us on the suit already filed. Good stuff.


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