Sunday sampler

Charlotte: I admit that it was a hope of mine that once Donald Trump lost the presidential race last year, I wouldn’t have to see this guy’s tweets pop-up in my feed. (Don’t follow him, but he gets retweeted by those I do follow.) Bill Mitchell is a Trump loyalist, even wearing an engraved ring with Trump’s name on it. His tweeter feed is like talk radio of which he’s a host: arrogant and self-righteous and, well, Trumpian. The Observer’s Jim Morrill profiles him.

Greensboro: As of two weeks ago, 458 people in Guilford County have DWI cases more than two years old. And now defense attorneys are purposely continuing them. “Defense attorneys say they are waiting to see if the court upholds the ruling for Christopher Glenn Turner, whose 2012 charge of driving while impaired in Caldwell County was dismissed after two years because he had neither been served a warrant nor indicted.”

Raleigh: Put aside your anticipation of the UNC-Kentucky game for a minute to read Andrew Carter’s piece in the N&O about Jason Ray, who was UNC’s mascot, Ramses, when he was killed 10 years ago. His donated organs saved the lives of four people, and this is their story, too. I’m not crying, you’re crying. “After he received Jason’s heart, Ronald Griffin visited the Rays’ home in Concord, with his wife, Stephanie. Griffin, a retired postal worker, wanted to see where Jason lived. When Griffin arrived he asked Charlotte and Emmitt if he could see Jason’s room. ‘He’d come up here and spend quite a bit of time,’ Emmitt said. ‘Like he was communing with Jason.’”

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