Sunday sampler

Man, that President Trump sure know how to get people up and marching, doesn’t he? An estimated — by whom, I don’t know — 80,000 showed up in Raleigh to protest his policies. I’m not focusing on any of that here, though. Instead…

Raleigh: The N&O updates us on the condition of former Sen. Kay Hagan, who is a friend of mine. There isn’t a whole lot new — she’s still hospitalized in Atlanta — except they think they know how she contracted the virus which caused the encephalitis. The family continues to handle this privately, which is certainly their right. But news about her is welcome — she’s contributed so much to so many in this state.

Asheville: The Citizen-Times tracks the astonishing story that ought to make everyone on social media straighten up (but won’t). “A false remark on a Facebook posting that implied a woman got drunk and caused the death of her child has resulted in a $500,000 defamation lawsuit settlement, which one law professor describes as a ‘stunning’ amount.” I won’t repeat the remark, but I’ve seen much worse on Facebook and Twitter.

Greensboro: Need a job? Train to become a jailer, or, as it;s called, a detention officer. County jails are chronically understaffed, according to the News & Record. “There are currently 60 vacant detention officer positions in Guilford County. The sheriff’s office recruits constantly to fill them, attending job fairs and advertising positions online, on TV and in print. Even with those efforts, applications have dwindled. In 2012, 695 people applied for jobs as detention officers. Last year, the number was 227.”

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