Sunday sampler

In case you hadn’t looked outside, it snowed yesterday. But never fear, if you haven’t looked outside, the front pages of the state’s papers told you. And I’m not going to link to any of them. I’ll put the spotlight on these instead:

Carteret County News-Times: The Obama administration denied permits to tests for oil and gas off the East Coast. As a lover of the N.C. coast, this is big news to me. Towns and counties up and down the coast passed resolutions against seismic testing so it is big news for them, too. Of course, it’s an order that Donald Trump can overturn. (That isn’t a link to a story, but is a link to the front page — thank you Newseum — and the front page will be replaced on Monday. I can’t find the story on the News-Times’ website. Here is an AP story about the decision.)

Asheville and Raleigh: Both papers have front-page stories on the new Gov. Cooper administration. The Citizen-Times evaluates how much power the Democratic governor will really have, given the Republican legislature’s actions. Answer: a vague “some.”

The N&O has two stories. One is a straight-up inauguration address story. The other looks at the tone set by Cooper’s first week in office. Money quote: “That’s always been his reputation – cautious,” Gary Pearce, a longtime Democratic strategist and former aide to Gov. Jim Hunt, said Saturday. “But he came out swinging before he was even sworn in.”


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