Sunday sampler

Raleigh: Both the News & Observer and the Charlotte Observer contributed to this story about what the political future holds next for Gov.-elect Roy Cooper. Essentially, he has the power to appoint lots of people; the Republican legislature has the power to override his veto. Nothing is certain, but this is a good, broad look at the possibilities when it comes to voting rights, teacher pay and education, HB2, the environment, Medicaid, jobs and abortion.

Greensboro: The News & Record has a similar story that deals primarily with the political headwinds Cooper will face, rather than the issues.

Winston-Salem: That North Carolina rivals West Virginia for having the nation’s lowest average school principal salary should be embarrassing to everyone, and likely is, except for the state legislature. But members of the General Assembly want to give responsibility to determining principals’ pay to local districts. “While this would give districts more flexibility in how they pay principals in various settings — for example, offering more to principals at struggling schools instead of always paying the most to principals at the largest schools — the proposal wouldn’t improve average principal pay unless the state also threw more money into the pot.”

Fayetteville: It’s been two months since Hurricane Matthew flooded much of Eastern North Carolina. It’s been two months since hundreds of people escaped their homes amid the flooding. Many are still homeless. The Observer hasn’t left the story, either. “Housing is one of several issues that local, state and federal officials are facing in the hurricane’s aftermath. Cleaning up the debris is an immediate problem. Repairing the damaged roads is ongoing and expected to last well into next year. Erosion that damaged land along creeks and streams that flooded in the storm will require long-term research.”

Related: The New York Times has a good video on the travails of Princeville.

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