Sunday sampler

Burlington: The Times-News has an exceptional piece citing the ambiguous — if not hypocritical, clueless or purposely ignorant — position of people in Alamance County who want to go back to an earlier time. That time is apparently one in which the Confederate flag was a symbol of goodness. The reporter gently but clearly points out the absurdity of what the organization says and stands for. Read it.

Charlotte: The cynic in me wants to say, “how cute! Trump voters actually believed him when he said he will bring the manufacturing jobs back from overseas!” But that would be mean. Yes, the Observer tracks the North Carolinians who expect Trump to deliver on that promise, although people should know that he won’t because he can’t. (It isn’t how capitalism or present-day needs work.) But those interviewed in Kannapolis say the town lacks the bustle and the job opportunities it had in its heyday, when they worked in the mills or had family members who did…“The mill fed my family,” said Bringle, now 54. “They used to have summer help for the high school kids. I worked there two summers – 1979-80. It was a thriving business here. And it’s gone. China’s got it.

Greensboro: I graduated from an exceptional small college that had terrible budget problems and is fighting its way back. So this piece about Greensboro College’s return interested me. (GC is not my alma mater.) It seems as if the school’s leadership did it right.

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