Sunday sampler

Sadly, it’s all fires all the time. Charlotte, Raleigh and Asheville front pages are dominated by stories about the wildfires raging in the mountains.

Wilmington: If all the fire coverage weren’t enough, swing down to the coast for flooding coverage because the Star-News has an excellent story on the continued aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. “We all need to know that events like Floyd and Matthew are not uncommon. We act like they’re uncommon, ‘They’re 500-year events.’ It’s not that uncommon,” said Burrell Montz, the chair of East Carolina University’s human geography department. That leaves governments and residents in the most-affected areas with a lingering question: What will you do before the next storm comes?

Greensboro: All you need is the first two paragraphs in the News & Record’s story. In Guilford County, 4,177 DWI cases linger in the courts. The county’s average case for driving while intoxicated is more than a year-and-a-half old, but some cases have taken more than three years to wind through the system. Here’s the kicker: That’s not even the highest in the region.


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